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New look! New venue!

New playwrights! 

Boston Play Cafe Season II 

Episode I    "Acceptance" by Lawrence Hennessy

Lindsay Bartlett as Magsy      Patricia Fitzgerald as Jenny      


Episode II     "The Maltese Walter" by John Minigan

Rob Floyd as Walter     Alan Pelz-Sharpe as Dr. Eddy    and  Jamie Dyan Taker as Vera 


Episode III   "Kicking" by Karina Cochran

Nick Martucci as Harold          Eliott Purcell as  Frank


Episode IV   "The Art of the Pickup"  by Debbie Wiess

Eliott Purcell  as  The Men         Ashley Risteen  as   The Woman


Boston Play Cafe    Season I

(Video is no longer available due to computer crash at former host  WCATV)

A Long Trip

Playwright- Dan McGeehan   Man, Older- Alan Pelz-Sharpe  Woman, Older- MJ Sangiolo  Man, Younger- Kyle Banchette  Woman, Younger- Ashley Risteen 

Long Time 

Playwright-  Lawrence Hennessy    Norm- Alan Pelz-Sharpe    Eileen- Jane Harte

The Crying Room

Playwright-  Rita Anderson       Melissa- Adjovi Alice Koene


Playwright- Matt Crowley     Dad- Mike Weiner     Billy- Austin Ryan  

Will Work for Peanuts

Playwright-June Bowser Barrett      Schroeder- Nick Martucci          Lucy- Arielle Kaplan 

It's the Jews

Playwright- John Minigan   Stephie Moffelese- Demitra Papadinis   Arny Sibbber- Stephen J.M. Wroblewski

Playwright- Debbie Finkelstein   Frank Sinatra-  Robert McKensie   Marlon Brando-  Walker  Edelman                     Crew Member- Mary Sansone
The Return
Playwright- Ludmila Anselm     Boris- Peter Eisenstadter  Raechka- Lindsay Barrett
Invalid Diagnosis

Playwright- George Smart   Ms. Wright- Marea Beeman  Joe Nutz- Rob Floyd  Mary- Mary Jane Brennan Sangiolo