Patti Cassidy welcomes you to her world! Sample her work, peruse her news, and connect with her regularly. 




                                         About Patti's Playwriting

Patti Cassidy is based in greater Boston (Watertown, MA, to be precise). 

She wrote her first play on a dare in a small  Mexican border town. It played to packed houses for a full weekend. She never got over it. She's been involved in theatre ever since.


                                                                Here are some of her latest productions-

The Dickens Effect- James Downing Theater in Edison Park IL 

Critic's Choice-  Heartland Theatre Festival, Bloomington, IL

Pitchfest-  Playwright's Platform Fest, Boston, MA

Enter, Daisy Buchanan-  Acadia Theatre,  New Brunswick, NS

What Will Happen to Daisy?-    Short Play Lab, NYC / 2 Cents Theatre Group, Hollywood, CA

Games Poets Play- Lunchbox Theatre,  Aberdeen, Scotland / 2 Cents Theatre Group,  Hollywood, CA

Hidden Agenda-   43rd Annual Playwrights’ Platform Festival of New Plays, Boston MA

Breaking In-  Open Theatre Project's "Slam Boston",  Boston, MA 

The Poet's Legacy-  The Williams Inn Tavern, Williamstown, MA

                      "Unmasked", her play about Anna Coleman Ladd written for the 365 Women a Year Playwriting Project                                                                                                    has won a Helen Jean Playwriting Awards!

Several of her plays are available on the New Play Exchange at

                       Patti is a member of the Playwright's Platform and Write On Playwrights in Boston, MA


                                                                  Upcoming Productions 


                                                                                                             A reading of Unmasked will also be held at                                                                                                                                                                 Moving Parts in Paris, Fr. pm May 21, 2017!