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                                   The Playwrights Reading Room

It all began with a discussion on the “Official Playwrights of Facebook” page. Several playwrights were exploring ways of getting new work to the public. When Patti suggested that we do readings in public libraries, we were off! 

She and two other local playwrights, Laura Neill and Rosa Nagle, formed the Playwrights Reading Room to bring free readings of our work to libraries, and both Norwood’s Morrill Memorial Library, and Watertown’s Free Public Library signed on to start the great experiment. Since then Arlington Library has joined the series. 

We've been pleased to present three "first look" premieres of local playwrights our first season and will be doing more for our 2016 season, which will include a dozen new plays!







Thanks to the Watertown Cultural Council for their support!